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LGSA Code of Conduct

  1. The LGSA President has the authority to remove or reprimand league personnel including board members, parents, spectators, and players whose conduct is deemed detrimental to the best interest of LGSA. Any person reprimanded has the right of appeal and review before a quorum of the board within seven days.
  2. No one, other than LGSA players, coaches, managers, or umpires is allowed on the playing field during games. Players and subs should remain in the dugout area unless playing defense on the field. No player should leave the dugout without permission from the coach or manager. Only managers, coaches, players, scorekeepers, and team parent are allowed in the dugout.
  3. Any player who throws their bat, glove, or helmet in anger or disgust when batting will be automatically out, the ball is dead, no runners advance. The second occurrence in the same game will cause all of the above plus the player's ejection from the game. If the umpire feels the first time is flagrant, they may eject the player immediately, without warning.
  4. No offensive player may remove their helmet while on base or on her way to the dugout. The player will automatically be called out. The helmet cannot be removed intentionally, unless the umpire has called time out.
  5. Positive cheering is encouraged. Negative cheering will not be tolerated.
  6. The manager is responsible for the conduct of themselves, their coaches, players, and players' parents and the spectators.
    1. No offensive or negative comments or profanity will be used towards or around any player, parent, volunteer, or umpire in any means. A Manager must take responsibility for the players’ well-being and development. Accept the reality that Managers serve as role models; as such, their actions must live up to their words. A Manager is the only person who should address the umpire.
    2. Managers and volunteers must refrain from direct physical contact with players (i.e., pats on the buttocks) that could be construed as sexual in nature. Work toward the best interests of their players by understanding issues of confidentiality and avoiding situations that could create conflicts of interest or could exploit any player.
    3. Managers should provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for players during practice, as well as games.  Exemplify ethical behaviors, including honesty, integrity, fair play and sportsmanship. These are life-long lessons that take precedence over any emphasis on winning.  Any communication with the opposing team must be deemed positive.  A Manager is the only person who should address the umpire.
    4. Managers should practice safe training and conditioning techniques that are current.
  7. Code of Conduct violations will be addressed when necessary. Actions will include the following in no particular order:

    Verbal Warning:  LGSA Board Member, Coach or Manager will discuss undesirable conduct with parents and stress that this behavior will not be tolerated.

    Written Warning:  LGSA Board Member, Coach or Manager will notify the LGSA Board of Directors by formally submitting a complaint form.  The LGSA Board of Directors will bring the parent in for a meeting to discuss actions.  Furthermore there will be a formal letter of reprimand given to parent(s) stating that the next offense could lead to the parent(s) being banned from the sporting event venue for a period of one or more games and or practices. 

    Game Suspension:  LGSA Board Member, Coach or Manager will ban the parent from attending the next scheduled contest.  Another letter will be given to parent(s) stating that the next offense will lead to the parent(s) being banned from the minimum of that sport's season up to an additional season.

    Season Suspension:  The parent(s) will be banned from attending a minimum of the remainder of that season to a maximum of the next season in which the incident took place.  The parent(s) will then have to make a formal request to be reinstated into the league.  The parent(s) will then have to meet with the LGSA Board of Directors prior to the start of the season to determine if the parent(s) is capable of behaving within the spirit and guidelines of LGSA.  

  8. Any coach or manager that is ejected from a game must serve a one game suspension for the next game in the schedule.