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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age groups?

LGSA will use the following age groups in our Spring 2019 season:

  • T-ball - Ages 5 & 6
  • 7 and under (7U)
  • 8 and under (8U)
  • 9 and under (9U)
  • 10 and under (10U)
  • Middle School (Grades 5-8, ages 11+)
  • Middle School Interleague (ages 11+)
  • Seniors - Grades 9-12

LGSA will use the following age groups in our Fall 2019 season (please note there has to be enough players to field at least 3 teams for us to allow that division:

  • T-ball - Ages 4.5 & 6
  • 8 and under (8U)
  • 10 and under (10U)
  • Middle School (MS)

What is the age cutoff date?

The cutoff date for Spring Rec is January 1st. For example, a player who is eight years old on January 1, 2019 will play in 8U even if she turns nine on January 2nd. The player is welcome to evaluate for an older age group.

The cutoff date for Fall Rec is September1st.  For example, a player who is eight years old on September 1, 2019 will play in 8U even if she turns nine on September 2nd.  The player is welcome to evaluate for an older age group.

Is prior experience necessary?

No, LGSA welcomes girls of all ages and skill levels.


What's new for LGSA?

The league made a number of improvements in 2018, including a new home at Junction Avenue, which is equipped with more fields, a large snack shack with covered seating, and a batting cage.  The league is providing more player/manager clinics, as well as Positive Coaching/Parenting seminars.

For 2017 we added:

  • Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser
  • Smoke Fastpitch A Teams in 10U and 12U

The improvements in 2018 included:

  • New Field location
  • New asphalt walking paths
  • Scoreboards
  • Batting cage


When is your registration period?

Registration for our Spring Recreational season officially opens September 1st and remains open well into the new year. Note however that our early bird discount is only in effect for those who register by November 17th, 2018.

Registraion for our Fall Recerational season officially opens at the end of May and remains open till the end of August.

What are the registration fees?

The registration fees for the 2019 Spring Rec season are as follows:

T-ball:    $200 
7U:        $225
8U:        $230
9U:        $250
10U:      $250
M.S.:     $255
Seniors: $200

These fees reflect our early-bird discount, which assumes you have registered and paid a deposit by November 17, 2018. The fees for all age groups except Seniors will increase by $50 on November 18, 2018.


The registraion fees for the 2019 Fall Rec season are as follows:

Tball: $145

8U:    $170

10U:  $170

MS:   $170

What is included in the registration fee?

Registration fees cover the league's expenses for uniforms, trophies, clinics, umpires, field maintenance and equipment, and field rentals for practices and games.

Is there a family discount?

Yes. Each additional player in the same family account receives a $20 discount off the registration fee.

Do I have to pay the full amount up front?

No. You can either pay in full or pay a $50 deposit per player.

Who is eligible to play?

The league welcomes all girls aged 5-18 who are residents of Livermore.

How can I register?

Registration is available online, plus the league offers several opportunities for in-person registration. Visit our home page for the latest information.

How do I pay the registration fee?

You can pay online with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or electronic check. 

What documentation is required to register?

The league needs a player's birth certificate to verify her birthdate. You do not need to supply a birth certificate if your player participated in one of our recreational seasons from 2014 or later. If your player is new to LGSA, or did not play for us in 2014 or later, you can submit a copy of her birth certificate in several ways:

  • During online registration, you will have the option of uploading the birth certificate
  • You can email a scan or photo to
  • You can mail it to the league's mailing address: P.O. Box 905, Livermore, CA 94551
  • You can FAX it to 925-344-6464
  • You can bring it to a walk-in registration event and show it to a league representative
  • You can drop off a copy at player evaluations

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

You can cancel a registration and receive a full refund anytime prior to the start of player evaluations for your player's age group. No refunds will be offered once evaluations have begun, or after your player has been placed on a team. Email to request a refund.


What uniform does LGSA use?

The registration fee for Spring Rec includes a team jersey, hooded sweatshirt, and a practice T-shirt; for Fall Rec the registration fee includes a team jersey. During registration, you can select sizes for these items. You will have several opportunities to try on the uniform samples and confirm sizing. The league will also send a final sizing confirmation prior to submitting our order.


What other equipment is required?

Parents provide pants, socks, cleats, batting helmet, and a softball glove. A bat is recommended but not mandatory. Soccer cleats are acceptable, but cleats with metal spikes are not allowed. You may also want to buy sliding shorts and/or sliding pads. Each team usually selects its own colors for pants, socks, and long-sleeve undershirts. If you are buying a new batting helmet, it must be equipped with a face mask and chin strap that have been approved by National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE).

What size glove and bat should my daughter use?

For 8U and under, look for a fastpitch softball glove in the 9” to 11” range. Older players should generally use a glove at least 11” in size. For recommendations on bat sizing, please start here. Whichever bat you buy, please make sure it is ASA approved.

What size softball is used?

T-ball/7U/8U: 10" safety ball
9U/10U: 11" hard ball
12U/MS & up: 12" hard ball

Is donated equipment available?

Yes, the league collects donated gloves, bats, and other equipment. If your daughter needs equipment, please contact your team manager. To donate equipment in safe working condition, you can bring it to any walk-in registration or player evaluation event, or give it your manager after teams are formed.


When is the LGSA season?

The Spring Rec season uses the following general schedule:

  • September - Registration opens
  • mid-January - Player evaluations for players in 8U through Middle School
  • late-January - Season opens; practices begin
  • late February/early March - Opening Day; Games begin
  • May - Playoffs and Championship Games

The season starts later for Seniors teams.

The Fall Rec season is known as a Fundamental season, with a shorter amount of games and no playoffs/championship games.  The season starts late August and is done by early November.


What kind of weekly schedule can we expect during the season?

Parents who are new to the league are often concerned about fitting softball into their schedules and frequently ask about the practice and game schedules. The practice schedule is determined entirely by the head coach so there's no way we can predict it, aside from saying that you'll probably have at least one weeknight practice and a weekend practice as the season gets started.

During the first few weeks of the Spring season (before the daylight savings time change in March), weeknight practices are typically 4pm til dusk because we do not have lighted practice fields. After the time change, the coaches have more flexibility on the start time for their weeknight practices.

Once games start, you'll typically have a weeknight game and a Saturday game each week. The weeknight game can vary from one day to the next each week, so we can't say in advance when your games will be. Similarly, the Saturday games will vary between morning and afternoon time slots from one week to the next. We do try to balance the games out but the schedule will never be perfectly balanced. Whether a team continues to hold practices after games have started is at the head coach's discretion but the league strongly encourages all teams to continue practicing around their game schedules throughout the season.

The first Spring games will usually begin at 5pm and gradually move back to 5:30pm as the days get longer.

Are there games during Spring Break?

There will not be weeknight games during Spring Break. If possible we will also try to avoid scheduling any games on either of the weekends surrounding Spring Break.

Teams may still hold optional practices during Spring Break.


How are the teams formed?

The league conducts an open draft to form teams in 8U through Middle School. All players in these age groups must attend one of the player evaluation events held by the league. Managers must attend all player evaluation events and take notes for use in the draft, which occurs soon after.

T-Ball and 7U teams are generally formed by school so that a player is more likely to have friends or familiar faces on her team. The league will try to accommodate requests to place a player with a coach or friend, but we cannot guarantee that all requests will be satisfied.

What happens if we don't attend the player evaluations?

The league requires all players in 8U through Middle School to attend player evaluations. At least two dates will be offered. A player who does not attend player evaluations will be placed on a waiting list.

What equipment is necessary for the player evaluations?

At a minimum, your daughter should wear athletic clothes and shoes. We recommend baseball/softball pants and cleats (soccer cleats are acceptable). If your daughter does not own a glove, bat, or batting helmet, she can borrow league equipment during the evaluation.

Will players be sliding during the player evaluations?


When will the player evaluations be held?

At least two dates will be offered in January.

Check the web site for announcements about the times and locations.


Can my daughter play up in an older age group?

Yes, there may be an opportunity to play in an older age group:

  • A first-time player who is five or six years old must play at least one season of T-ball.
  • A six-year old player who has at least a year of experience in softball/baseball may be able to move up to 7U depending on space availability but must attend the 7U evaluation.
  • A seven-year old player wanting to play in 8U must attend the 8U evaluation. If there is no room in 8U or she is not drafted onto an 8U team, she'll be placed on a team in 7U.
  • Players in 8U and above must attend the player evaluations for their regular age group, and may attend player evaluations for an older age group. If a player is not drafted into an older age group, she must play in her regular age group.

For registration purposes, you must register your player in the group appropriate for her age. If she is later placed in an older age group with a higher registration fee, you can pay the difference after teams are formed.

What if I don’t want my daughter to be drafted into an older age group?

Parents indicate their willingness for a player to be eligible for drafting into an older age group by attending the player evaluations for that age group. Only those players that attend an evaluation will be considered during the draft.


Does LGSA need sponsors?

Absolutely. Monetary donations help to defray the costs of buying new gear and maintaining the fields, and they give donors the opportunity to gain additional exposure for their business or organization. Please review the sponsorship levels on the league web site, or email for more information.

Does LGSA offer clinics?

Yes, the league is committed to developing each player to the best of their potential and will offer clinics during the season. The league also believes that the investment in coaches clinics will have a great impact in a player’s development and enjoyment of the game. LGSA will conduct a coaches clinic that all managers must attend.